Maritime Transport
Servicio de importación y exportación de carga marítima, gestionando embarques de contenedores completos (FCL) puerta-a-puerta o puerto-a-puerto; carga consolidada (LCL) ofreciendo salidas fijas semanales desde los principales puertos del mundo; vehículos o maquinaria sobre ruedas (RO-RO); así como carga convencional o proyecto que por dimensiones y/o peso no es apta para ser transportada en contenedores (Break Bulk).
Mantenemos excelentes relaciones con las principales navieras del mundo, negociando contratos que nos permiten ofrecer tarifas competitivas, asegurando equipos y espacios en los barcos a nuestros clientes.
Los servicios que brinda AirSea Logistics se encuentran habilitados en todas las circunscripciones.

This type of transportation is the most economical for transporting large volumes of goods between geographically distant points. Despite the protectionist tendencies of some countries, most international traffic operates under a regime of free competition according to the freight market.


Another characteristic of this type of transportation is its flexibility, as it can use small vessels as well as large ones. Additionally, various types of ships can be adapted to carry all kinds of cargo.


At AirSeaLogistics, we offer competitive rates and quality service based on the following objectives:

  1. Personalized tracking and advisory services based on extensive knowledge and experience in maritime transport.
  2. Safeguarding the integrity of your merchandise throughout the entire logistics chain.
  3. Providing alternative solutions to any logistical issues or port congestion that may arise due to high demand.
  4. Offering support and efficiency in the retrieval of your products upon arrival at their destination.


Our added value for maritime transport services includes a dedicated team at both origin and destination, 100% committed to meeting delivery times and ensuring the safety of import and export goods.

Additionally, we have a web system that allows our clients to check the real-time status of their imports and/or exports.